Car care technology: Self inflating tires from Goodyear!


new tires from goodyear to prevent tire wearHey automotive world, today i have some good auto news for you because Goodyear announced that the new self inflating tires will go on sale!!! Goodyear is all about tires, and those car tires are made because car care is needed everywhere, starting with the headlights and ending with the exhaust pipe.

The auto industry always has to improve itself to show better car care techniques and it has to think of better ways to improve the driver’s car and ease his driving experience to make him feel more comfortable and safe. Car tires have an important role besides sustaining the car’s weight and you’ll see, that new tires like those self inflating ones from Goodyear, usually do more than a simple task of moving the car from point A to point B.

New tires, especially the new self inflating ones from Goodyear improve things like:

  • together with the anti lock braking system or ABS, those Goodyear tires can help you avoid a car crash or only a slight fender bender because of the better grip when braking.
  • the most important feature which you get from those self inflating tires made by Goodyear is that besides safety capabilites, you also get a much more better fuel consumption!!!! That’s right!

Want to know more about the new tires from Goodyear with that self inflating thingy?

Goodyear’s team of professionals, throughout the years, developed an air maintenance technology for the auto world and yes, this is different from Hummer H1’s self inflating tires system :).

self inflating car tires for better fuel consumption

  1. Inside of the new tires from Goodyear, you can find a regulator which senses when the tire inflation pressure has dropped below the recommended psi. After that, the self inflating tires start getting air from the internal regulator because it opens itself to allow air flow.
  2. The air maintenance technology works when the tires are rolling because the deformation of the tire flattens the tube thus pushing the air through the tire to an inlet valve.
  3. The air now flows into the tire cavity and optimizes the tire pressure so this is a basic and simple principle for those new Goodyear tires.

The acquisition cost for those new tires, self inflating tires to be more precise, is higher than the price which other tire manufacturers have, but you will get the best car care performance for your money!

If you think about it, supercars, muscle cars, electric cars, normal cars, they all need proper tires because they make a huge difference in fields starting from car racing results to familiy safety.

You can take your car to the car shop to change those old tires with new self inflating Goodyear ones or, you can try changing them by yourself but it will be hard even if you spare some extra bucks.

I know, these self inflating tires from Goodyear remind you of James Bond’s cars but, with their help, you can prevent premature tire wear and you can have a better fuel consumption, those being two elements which show your good care of cars!

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