Finger drawing: car art on a dirty car – because “wash me” is too mainstream!


There are different types of people around this world: People who give a rat’s ass when it comes to car care and people who don’t, but what’s the problem in that when you think of the good parts that appear when not taking care of cars? Yeah, the old “wash me” finger drawing got replaced with pure car art, so people, if you have drawing artists in your neighbourhood feel free to let your car get dirty!

Looking at awesome car pictures as this one is, i’m sure about the fact that you’ll like these car care and also skillful drawing techniques which are used in this car art masterpiece! Now take a look down on the hood of the car.. it’s a faded old style “wash me” finger drawing which is so old school even for a dirty car like this one; Take it to the car wash man!!

Think about it, you can use fingers for more than just simple writing instruments, you can create awesome car art with the proper drawing techniques and that’s great because, at least you’ll show some kind of care of cars if the car owner  isn’t showing any.

more than a simple wash me finger drawing

The drawing artist’s name is Scott and he did a great job with this funny auto drawing so the Top Gear series should show it as an american auto example even if Jeremy Clarkson has some kind of a bad opinion about americans.

This guy sure had some drawing skills when it came to finger drawing on a dirty car, but what a drawing, that’s the most expressive drawing of a family portrait from a front view inside a car which i ever seen.

The car art drawing includes family members like:

  • a dad in the role of a careful driver
  • a tired mom
  • a sister who doesn’t seems to be happy about the trip
  • a brother

 Forget about the “wash me” phrase and just enjoy this car art which has drawing techniques worth of being in the car pictures category even if it’s only a dirty car which lacks of car care!


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