Future car race between the new Mclaren P1 and Bugatti Super Sport! Find out here


mclaren p1 race with bugattiIf someone poor got as a gift that new Mclaren P1 supercar which will be launched next year, well let’s say that he would have to declare bankruptcy in no time even if he enjoys taking care of cars. The taxes for this supercar will just start bleeding him dry.

I won’t talk about fuel consumption on the new Mclaren P1 because it’s a supercar and i don’t believe that its consumption will be so impressive like some specialised guys from the automotive world say it will. Anyway, if you can afford the acquisition cost for a Mclaren P1 then you can also afford to fill it up every 20 miles 🙂 . With a huge price tag of 800.000 quids you would expect this supercar to beat the Bugatti Veyron Super Sport but it’s said that the Mclaren P1 isn’t designed to outrun it..

Okay i understand that but, what will Mclaren P1 offer me?

The Mclaren P1 will be the most exciting, most technologically advanced and most dynamically accomplished supercar ever made, weighing less than 1300 kg, with an advanced chassis, rear LED light strips, a modified twin turbo v8 engine. Its car engine will produce 960 bhp and the Mclaren P1 will have fitted acrylic windows instead of normal glass. Why is that? Well, because water rolls of very quickly on this new material thus eliminating those annoying windscreen wipers.

So, the auto manufacturers from Mclaren, with their exquisite care of cars, thought of everything when it comes to this 800.000 quid supercar but imagine the car shop bill after a light fender bender :).

xenon mclaren p1 2013You would think that car care equipment will be shipped to the Mclaren P1 owners for that kind of cash but that’s highly unlikely so you only get a carbon fiber supercar with 960 bhp!

Do you still remember the Top Gear series episode with the Bugatti Veyron vs. Mclaren F1? Well let’s hope that, after the P1 is produced, at least it will blow away Bugatti for 10 seconds and just try to keep up with it, after those Bugatti Veyron Super Sport 1200 bhp kick in..

Yes, the actual test should be between a Mclaren P1 and a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport, both being in the same era of car racing technology for supercars. The P1 is light and the Super Sport is heavier so the horsepower should be balanced.

Top Gear series youtube video with the race between Bugatti Veyron and Mclaren F1

I don’t know what to expect about the engine sound of the Mclaren P1 supercar but it won’t be like a zonda’s engine sound of course. You won’t know for sure until you’ll personally see the Mclaren P1 on youtube because you won’t afford one!

Here are some Mclaren pictures with the future P1 model

mclaren p1 960 horsepower

mclaren p1 side view

aggressive look mclaren p1

mclaren p1 vs bugatti

brakes for the new mclaren p1 2013

rear view mclaren p1


  1. I would love to see this race between the mclaren p1 and the bugatti veyron super sport sometime in the future!

  2. This is a topic that is close to my heart, i would really want to see the Mclaren P1 beat the Bugatti! …

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