Foo Fighters – Good Grief


You won’t even hear your car engine when listening to car songs like this one from the Foo Fighters. Yeap, “good grief” makes you get that special feeling which only driving songs can give you.

When those “hate it hate it” lyrics will start, i’m sure you’ll drive your stick shift car in an aggressive but still car care manner just to keep that rhythm! You’ll also won’t realize how many highway miles will pass under your wheels on this fantastic song from your future car songs collection.

I personally got a few speeding tickets on this awesome tune from Foo Fighters while speeding for no reason so that’s why you should use it in your driving songs cd, but moderately.

Lots of people think that, this song is from the best rock album, album which is made entirely by one man, that man being Dave Grohl! Try to imagine one man who can build the best cars ever made by himself, cars which have the best fuel consumption, most horsepower and a very good aggressive look, it’s hard!

So, this is one great driving song and you can drive fast once in a while because even Dave Grohl drives a fast car from the best german auto engineering, one fast BMW M5!

Yes, i know Dave doesn’t have a good history when it comes to care of cars because of that chevy truck accident from 1995, but still, if he deserves to get a fast car, then you can speed up a bit when listening to driving songs.

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