Buy a muscle car, it will be a funny reason for divorce!


Some auto manufacturers hit the jackpot in the 1970s with their beautiful car designs which, nowadays we call muscle cars! They’re not necessarily meant for car racing because they’re like precious jewels but some people use them in dirt stock car racing competitions where a car crash inevitably occurs, so car care is out of the question there.

Today’s article is more than a care of cars article, it’s also a funny article with an awesome funny sign regarding a particular wife who left her particular husband because he bought a particular muscle car šŸ˜€ !

Lots of men tend to do things which annoy their wifes but what’s the problem if a man wants every now and then to spoil himself with a brand new muscle car in a funny auto way? Does the wife necessarily need to leave him and make him do that funny sign? šŸ™‚

Imagine yourself in a muscle car from the 1970s with that v8 engine sound while having to hear your wife saying things like:

Honey you shouldn’t buy a muscle car because it’s an old piece of crap that has a huge fuel consumption, bad mileage, bad handling, it’s big and ugly, you can’t find spare parts for it, a good car shop for muscle cars is hard to find and we can’t afford it, think about our kids college fund. Baby if you only dare to buy this muscle car i will leave you!

Buying a muscle car is a good reason for divorce

Yeah, to some of you it may seem to be a funny wife but believe me, i think this wasn’t the case for our friend who put that funny sign on his jewel of a muscle car in this car photo.

Maybe she was sick and tired of her husband and googled “how to leave your husband” where she found a way to invent a silly reason like blaming that poor muscle car.

Even if this is a funny car photo, this man showed more than great care of cars, he just didn’t care if his wife left him and he bought this awesome muscle car of which he’s proud šŸ™‚ . Anyway who could beat the adrenaline rush which you get while driving a muscle car?


  1. So you’re saying that he got divorced for buying a muscle car? Well it means that his wife didn’t care about his happiness, not even a bit!

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