Personal opinion about Pope’s gift from Renault. Bad marketing scheme with electric cars!


electric cars as gifts from renault It isn’t something shocking for the automotive world but the auto industry has evolved and that’s a good thing for a person who doesn’t like to take care of cars which are badly made or cheap looking.

Of course you can’t expect for car racing competitions with electric cars, not just yet but you can be sure that, if Renault gave away 2 electric cars to the Pope, then that’s the first step to start producing electric cars which are as green as half of the earth :).

Auto manufacturers should see an opportunity in this Renault marketing scheme because Renault, with its gift to the Pope which is a flashy strategy, started the domino game with green cars which don’t have a nasty fuel consumption.. oo wait there’s no fuel consumption at all!

Those 2 electric cars which the Pope received as a gift, are based on:

Renault’s Kangoo Maxi Z.E. light commercial van and was developed in association with the French coachbuilder Gruau as an ecological, sustainable version of the Popemobile and it measures 4,6 metres in length and 1,8 metres in width, is fitted with a 44KW electric engine and with its lithium-ion battery it can travel 170 kilometres without having to recharge. Also, this electric Renault Kangoo is fitted with a convertible roof which allows the Pope to stand up and greet the crowds.

What is Papal? Well what is Paypal?

bad marketing scheme with electric carsIt’s just a missing “y” but the Pope receives gifts and money from everywhere, today’s example, the 2 electric cars from Renault. It seems that i’m mocking religion but everyone has their opinions. Mine is that if the Church states that we have to be poor, believers and that we should live in humbleness, why don’t they do the same?

Just take a look at the list with some of the Pope’s cars:

  • Mercedes-Benz ML
  • Mercedes S class
  • Audi a8
  • Bmw 7 series

 Here is a youtube video with some other car related gifts which the Pope received:


the pope gets a mercedes electric car as a popemobileAs you can see, the Pope is full of gifts and in the past he only drove a Volkswagen Golf 4. Now he gets gifts like: a tractor from Fiat for the papal platform, race car wheel from Ferrari which by the way is very expensive (everything which comes out of a Formula 1 racing car is) or another electric car from NWG.

After getting those 2 Renault electric cars, the Pope still won’t replace his old Popemobile with them.. I’m guessing that the Pope isn’t fond of Renault, especially using those electric cars from Renault received as gifts. Instead, the Vatican talked in the Pope’s name with Mercedes for an electric car as a Popemobile so the Pope has some pretty high standards if he wants to replace a free Renault electric car with an expensive Mercedes, also an electric car!

At least the Pope has lots of money and car care isn’t an issue when it comes to repairs but Renault should’ve gave those green cars to someone who really needs them, like the Red Cross for example, and then, Renault would’ve been better seen in that electric cars marketing scheme.

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