Pimped out Zil – presidential limousine for Russia’s president


vladimir putin's new presidential limousineThe pimped out presidential limousine from Zil looks like a massive studio flat on wheels and yeah, that’s the main idea when you think about a presidential limousine for which is shown a great car care, because it has to transport the russian president Vladimir Putin.

Zil was founded in 1916 and besides trucks, offroad vehicles and others, Zil also produces hand-built limousines and luxury sedans as you can see from the photos but in a small number, usually being produced only for the russian government. Think about the fact that a presidential limousine like Zil has a huge acquisition cost just like Maybachs, Rolls Royces or Bentleys.

I know, by the looks of this Zil presidential limousine, it’s hard to believe that it has a high acquisition cost but still, the Zil limousine reminds me of the Cold War cars when KGB stuck their noses everywhere.

armored russian limousine ZIL

The new Zil presidential limousine looks like an overstretched Lada with new headlights in a pimped out car style and gangster tuning huge rims. It can also be compared to a rolling tank with windows like Obama’s Cadillac so, the pimped out presidential limousine will shut off all of those everyday noises and the russian president will be completely isolated from the outside.

Okay, now it’s time for more technical geek stuff for the new presidential limousine Zil 4112-R:

  • It is said that its length is about 7-8 meters
  • The pimped out Zil is equipped with a 7,7 litre V8 gasoline car engine which produces over 400 bhp and the fuel consumption on that enormous Zil car engine will be huge because of the limousine’s heavy armour which has the job to protect the russian president
  • Top speed for the presidential limousine? Over 200 km/h!
  • Weight of the russian presidential limousine? Over 4 tones when it’s armored, yeah that’s a lot of car safety!
  • Its luxurious interior will accommodate 2 persons in the front of the car, driver and security agent; In the back of the car which looks like a personal office, there are 4 separate seats of course, leather seats 🙂
  • The presidential limousine also has an impulse bumper to resist any strike and  its rear doors are rear hinged to add extra rigid support for the car safety.

new Zil presidential limousineI guess that, the pimped out presidential limousine gets a regular service in the presidential car shop because besides care of cars when it comes to the Zil limousine, the russian government has to show a great care for the president safety too.

What can i say for all of those auto manufacturers out there? Just Suck it! Zil does a great job even if they’re not in the money when it comes to finance.

luxurious presidential limousine for russia
zil presidential limousine with muffler and a v8 engine


  1. Not a unhealthy article, it seems that it took you quite some time to write about the russian limousine haha. Well i read somewhere that russia is giving 1 billion dollars to the zil factory just to improve its government limousines so they will look even more pimped out.

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