Drunk & Crazy russian gets beat up after crashing 7 cars with his bulldozer


Hey automotive world, have you ever wondered about how to take care of a car when a crazy russian hits it with a bulldozer and unconsciously goes on his way? Yeah, what were the odds for such a car crash? Well, in Russia you can expect for anything when it comes to that holy Vodka.

Luckily for those car owners, the crazy russian got into a last car crash because, if he hadn’t got a flat tire on the bulldozer, he would’ve been going like stig in a Top Gear lap :).

That crazy russian is the perfect example for why i watch russian videos because after the last car crash which hadn’t any car care sense, he gets beat up by 2, oh wait 3, 4 guys.

So check out this russian video which besides the car crashes with the help of one big bulldozer, ends with a good old russian fight

I wanted to see some car racing uppss i mean bulldozer racing but sadly i didn’t get the chance for that..

Looking at the crazy russian video you can count 7 cars and each one of them had a car crash with the help of that russian guy in a bulldozer, a crazy russian or maybe a drunk russian who doesn’t know anything about care of cars or that saying “Don’t drink and drive”, but i don’t think that those were totaled cars.. only a fair amount of damage was produced to the bumpers, rear bumpers, headlights, taillights and if you looked under the hood, i don’t think that you could see even some little damage to the engine.

It would be better if the car owners were in the money because even if they got some payback with that russian fight, they still have to repair their cars and that’s costly!

Careofcars.com’s top tip:

Don’t live in Russia if you own a car! 😐

At least, car shops will make lots of money after that stupid car crash with the crazy russian who drove the bulldozer while being drunk.


  1. I was just thinking about those russians which had those cars in the parking lot. They parked with so much care and a drunk dude just destroyed everything with a caterpillar

  2. Care of cars is more then care of cars. It’s that thing when you care of something, it’s clear you care of cars. This russian guy don’t care of cars. He just damaged 7 cars showing everyone that he does not care of cars. The cars does not have big damage but, if you care of your car, it’s clear that you don’t want a person that does not care of cars to damage your car that you care of. LOL

  3. I laughed so long at this russian video, what the hell was in his head to drive through all those cars with the bulldozer ? LOL

  4. That drunk russian got a bunch of punches and he still could walk!!! That’s a funny thing even if it’s painful for everybody when a guy drives a bulldozer in so many cars

  5. This is how a russian is these days, drunk or crazy and how i like a good russian bare knuckle fight :)) That bulldozer made an amusing video!

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