From the Top gear series archive: best 10 totaled car collection!


top gear series best 10 car crash compilationEveryone likes a good video with awesome totaled cars even if this doesn’t promote care of cars and car care consciousness but remember that this is a Top Gear series archive video so you can expect to see some crashing, some explosions or some totaled cars :D.

Those cars went through the imaginary top gear lap and they had to die for their weak performance so you can’t say that Jeremy Clarkson, James May or Richard Hammond make a good team of professionals which provides good customer service if you know what i mean.

This youtube video has the best 10 totaled car collection from Top Gear series and if you’re wondering why they do that, then your answer will sound something like:

Because we can and we’re in the money!

Yeah, in this video from Top Gear series archive you can see the best 10 totaled car collection but it includes:

  • one totaled house by a huge army car
  • one train hit which has as a result one totaled car
  • one space ship car that goes wild with a huge explosion
  • one totaled caravan falling from the sky and much more!

Now after watching the video from the Top Gear series i hope that you will get those full Top Gear seasons for you to enjoy all those funny moments from the tv show. It usually doesn’t promote care of cars as i’ve told you already but it’s nice to see some car jokes which will entertain you. Don’t forget the fact that in real life if you get one totaled car you won’t be so happy about it!


  1. I loved so much this best totaled car collection. You make tasteful articles and it seems you have experience with writing good content. I’m still watching the top gear series because even if they don’t show a care of cars, they still narrate car care related topics pretty well.

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