Air bag it, they told me. Funny car joke in Top Gear series style


Take a look at my air bag, my literally airbag :D, it shows that i know some things about care of cars and car care equipment. What do you need to do if you want to get one funny airbag picture? Well try doing the same thing which that guy did with the rusty car from the 1920’s.

His friends had an idea with that rusty car and they told him to air bag it so he did it.

The result? One funny airbag picture from the redneck funny photos collection! 😀 If you think it through, then you can imagine Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear series doing such a car joke and have millions and millions of views and laughs so care of cars jokes bring much more smiles than you can imagine and don’t worry, the airbag from the air bag it picture wasn’t used for road safety (fun purposes here)!

funny airbag picture

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