Simple cheapskate advice you should consider before buying a SUV if you’re frugal!


Hello there auto world! Everybody wants to be the proud car owner of an impressive SUV but not everybody has the financial possibilities or they’re too stingy to maintain, with proper car care, their freshly bought off road car even if it’s new or a second hand car. Try to ask yourself these questions:

Do I know the hidden costs which come with owning an off road car? Am I the kind of auto enthusiast who will invest a lot of money in his all wheel drive car or am I the frugal type?

All wheel drive vehicles are great in my opinion because you can pretty much go everywhere you want with them but when you buy a SUV it’s not like you’re choosing a cheap car that will run for ages without having to throw some money away.

There will always be a price to pay for those must have features such as the bigger storage space and car interior, when you get out of a nasty mud terrain or when you just climb over a high curb where no other normal car can get because of your high ground clearance!

Now there’s the other type of person who would consider buying an off road car: Every soccer mom that loves an all wheel drive car not because its off road capabilities but because its sturdier chassis and better safety ratings which protect the driver in case of a car crash so car safety is the key here.


So, if you’re a cheapskate kind of guy, here is’s opinion and some top tips about the hidden costs which you should know before making a decision based only on the SUV’s price tag:

  • having the extra all wheel drive option on your new off roader will add up a few thousand dollars more to the acquisition cost;
  • fuel consumption will be higher on an all wheel drive car because you have two more wheels that need to move the weight around so you’d better start thinking about carpooling if you want to avoid a gas mileage induced heart attack ;
  • when the tires start to wear, you can’t change only a pair of car tires as you would normally do with a two wheel drive car because if a tire wears differently than the other, then the transfer case can start acting strange and actually damage the all wheel drive system but for some of the guys who are into care of cars, this isn’t such of a big deal;
  • if the car is beaten up and you start having all wheel drive transmission system problems or if it breaks, then you must know that this kind of car repair will cost up to a thousand dollars!
  • in lots of countries, the bigger the car engine is, the higher the taxes are so.. if you’re into chunky v8 engines or whatever, please keep in mind that you could pay one thousand dollars more on some stupid government taxes;
  • another bonus when it comes to taxes in european countries is with the car emissions and level of air pollution. Diesel engines present a greater pollution hazzard thus the taxes are higher! Protection of the environment is important and that’s why eco friendly cars have 0 taxes;
  • when it comes to SUV’s, the auto insurance is expensive too;


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