Who was the first auto manufacturer to put 4 wheel steering on its cars? Was it good for parking?


Hello there car fanatics! Some of you car care guys really do enjoy reading all about cars and since this is an auto blog, I thought that you’ll be interested in today’s car related subject! Yep, it’s about the first 4 wheel steering car!

So, are you curious to find out which one of the auto manufacturers managed to make the first 4 wheel steering car in the world and when? It was Honda, yeah I know, those guys who make the old man’s car, according to Jeremy Clarkson, and the first car which went out of the factory with four wheel steering was a sports car of course, the 1988 Honda Prelude!

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The 1988 Honda Prelude was a great sports car made with great care of cars but you had 2 drawbacks when wanting to buy it for that four wheel steering innovation:

  • the base model had a high acquisition cost or price tag which was equivalent to today’s sum of $32.000
  • you wouldn’t get the 4 wheel steering for the base model because it was optional and it would cost extra

As you can see from the above youtube video, the 4 wheel steering Honda Prelude had a plus when it came to parking in tight spaces and I know that it can be quite weird to think that your rear wheels turn just like the front ones but think about huge buses or trucks, they also use this principle! It’s too bad that this 4 wheel steering idea wasn’t used on small cars.

Because of the first four wheel steering system on a car, the 1988 Honda Prelude can do a short turning circle of 33 ft. and if you’re boxed in and have to get in or out of tight spaces, this is the car for you!

Those who have tried the 4 wheel steering of the Honda Prelude say that the car is great and if you get the chance to steer it, well, it’s like a religious experience


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