How an american destroyed a Rolls Royce Phantom ! Iconic british car in its badest shape ever


What’s this auto blog all about? It’s about care of cars of course! And what do we hate most in this auto world? We hate those who neglect their cars, especially if they’re jewels on wheels like today’s luxury car, a Rolls Royce Phantom, which now can only be sold for parts!

They guy from the youtube video states that this probably is the shittiest Rolls Royce Phantom ever to be seen but I want to disagree because there still is hope for this not taken care of car!


Watching the whole car video, I’ve understood that things like these happen if you don’t give a damn about car care, and that this repossessed Rolls Royce Phantom deserves a better treatment! Just think of all the hundreds of hours that went into manual labor to create such exquisite details, that beautiful car interior with pieces of hand made wood panels, fine leather stitching and superb hand crafted aluminum and other metal trims..

The mistreated Rolls Royce Phantom’s story starts from 2004 when a guy leased it and when he figured it out that he can’t afford the monthly payments, he started renting it out, doing delivery services with it and other nasty stuff which you won’t normally do to such an iconic british car!

The most luxurious car coming from the Rolls Royce british auto manufacturers has withstood the test of time but it’s in a rough shape, having lots of problems like:

  • dented bodywork with missing headlight
  • a flat tire on which it was driven and driven regardless of the fact that it could’ve destroyed that expensive rim ..
  • missing suspension parts
  • all the warning lights active! This means that everything is bad with our sad Rolls Royce Phantom
  • a Spiderman umbrella in the back door instead of the official Rolls Royce signature umbrella
  • interior trims that come off
  • a massive engine knock despite the fact that it only has 100.000 miles on board ! Too bad for that creaking engine sound
  • haven’t heard of a Rolls Royce that’s leaking oil but now I’ve seen one!

I really do want to believe that, with some proper auto detailing and some new car parts and trims (that will have an acquisition cost or price tag of about $20.000), this junkyard worthy Rolls Royce could regain its value, its luxurious car interior and those imposing car specs which come from that huge and powerful Rolls Royce engine!

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