Lots of hilarious lines from Ron Burgundy and his Dodge Durango commercials! Must see car ads inside


Everybody knows Ron Burgundy, the famous Anchorman from San Diego that bags every classy lady which he meets and likes! The guy is the alpha male in every context but he’s also a dumbass with a lot of charm and that’s why Will Ferrell signed a publicity contract with Dodge!

Ron Burgundy uses his funny way of being to alter people’s minds into thinking that Dodge’s new car model, the Dodge Durango, a pretty cool SUV that shares a lot of car parts and even assembly line with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, is the best deal when you want a lot of “sax”, relaxing night driving, and hilarious way of thinking everything that comes to mind ๐Ÿ˜€


Ron Burgundy doesn’t even try to advertise the Dodge Durango; That’s the catch with this incredible marketing scheme, his image is added to the car and that’s why everyone will want to buy it! Even me, I’m a simple guy who thinks everything through before buying a car, thinking about car care costs and whatnot, but Will Ferrell plays his role so good that it makes me wanna’ get one for myself!

Just check out some of Ron Burgundy’s ads for the new 2014 Dodge Durango, they’re incredibly funny!

The crazy sax commercial is awesome and Ron is doing his best not to say anything about sex! This is some serious funny auto advertising and the way Ron Burgundy tries to mimic the act of making love to a woman, in the back of the Dodge Durango (it has a big trunk space), is priceless!

Oh my God, Ron is incredible with every cheesy, funny and idiotic line that comes to his mind! In the second car ad, Ron Burgundy chases some dancers that were helping out with making the Dodge Durango commercial, the one where Ron called the new Durango “the last of the real SUVs”.

The way Run Burgundy thinks of every car detail is outstanding; He even puts a lot of emphasis on the glove box of the Dodge Durango, a stock option which goes on for inches and inches :D. That Hemi engine , a v8 engine which produces 360 horsepower isn’t important at all, I mean who cares about the car engine!

The all new 2014 Dodge Durango still looks good even after Ron Burgundy throws a bunch of eggs at it! Overall, this still remains a beautiful yolk saturated SUV.

And the 2014 Dodge Durango’s fuel consumption is awesome too, at about 25 mpg on a highway and 18 mpg in the city.

Mr. Burgundy even tries to save the lady that’s stuck inside the UConnect touchscreen navigation system of the new Dodge Durango, too bad that he doesn’t have a GPS to guide him to the nearest police station hehe ๐Ÿ˜€ .

And there are a lot more hilarious car ads from the Dodge Durango contract which Ron Burgundy obtained.. you just got to take care of cars as usual and after that, make some time and find the whole bunch of car commercials on youtube!

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