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There are so many true car care kind of guys around here and lots of them are very dedicated to improving and detailing their personal cars in a manner that even a cheap car can turn heads around when it passes down the street.

This is true care of cars and being in love with the auto world is quite expensive but I dunno’, it feels rather satisfying and I understand anyone who continuously spends his or her money on auto parts with huge price tags!

And in most of the cases, they end up building and improving their cars in a way that they’re like jewels; Now, the question is how do they show off their tuned up toys? Well, they organize small meetings, especially at airstrips (to show off their horsepower and top speed if you know what I mean), places where no cop will bother them and where they can share car tuning secrets or top tips to make their cars perform and look better! Places like.. the SHIFT S3CTOR Airstrip Attack V that was on April 19th 2014!

In places like these you can see lots of tuning elements like alloy wheels, body kits, new and daring paint jobs, remade car interiors, twin turbos, supercharged car engines, modified sport suspensions and more!

These mods don’t necessarily need to be on expensive sports cars, muscle cars or supercars, no no.. they can equip inexpensive american or european autos.. Nobody judges over there!

But of course that there are exceptions and the above youtube video is from an expensive and fast car showdown! Check out the thousands of horsepower that mix up under the bonnets of extraordinary BMW M3s, Nissan GTRs, Toyota Supras, Chevrolet Corvettes, Ford GTs and even Ferraris! Feel the adrenaline by watching these GoPro filmed scenes on that super long airstrip which can make you become a piston head maniac! Feel those engine sounds, they give me the goosebumps!

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