What happens when a bunch of cheap lowriders meet a simple speed bump on the street!


I like car tuning and everything that’s auto related but today’s article is about that lowrider trend which I personally can’t understand! Sure, making your car eat asphalt at every slight 3 inch bump is a way to show that you’re an auto enthusiast who’s into care of cars I guess, but where’s the practicality in having a car that can’t go over speed bumps like the cars from this russian video?! See how they managed to get over

This is why you shouldn’t lower your car if you’re living in a town with a lot of speed bumps!

Of course, a proper lowrider has hydraulic systems mounted on with great car care and that’s how it manages to keep some car safety on the public roads; These russian blokes only have cheap cars and cut off springs that give the lowered look to the cars. Where’s the art in this?

This youtube video must go in the funny auto category; Using planks and brute force is the russian way to overcome an obstacle when you have a slammed car! 😀

A guy really made a point with his comment to this first world problem: Why go through the trouble of making a shit car into a shit car that you can’t even use??

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