The real reason why auto manufacturers keep on making cars that end up being unsold


Hi there auto enthusiasts of the world; Today is a sad day for the auto world because I’ve stumbled upon a very hot topic which keeps a high interest and sometimes makes no sense for the ordinary working man or woman.

A lot of you guys know the fact that every year, there are millions of new cars that end up being unsold worldwide; That’s why you constantly ask yourselves: Why does the auto industry still produce new cars if they don’t end up being bought, and in the end, in the car owner’s parking spot?

As you’ve seen in a lot of car articles, there are hundreds of car parks around the world that keep thousands of unsold new cars from big car companies such as Ford, Nissan, Mercedes, Citroen, Peugeot, BMW and others; Most of them really have to buy new land in order to create more room for the new batches of automobiles that remain unsold.

Why don’t the car manufacturers simply put the cars on sale at smaller acquisition costs? Why don’t they just keep a small price tag of about a few thousand bucks and just get rid of them? Or why don’t they donate some of those cars to poor countries who need ambulances, transportation for charity organizations and etc.?

I’m not even thinking about giving cars to those who really want but can’t afford one, those guys who would keep their cars in exquisite car care condition for years and years, without a scratch.


The main reason for these not happening, is pure spite! Nothing is for free in this world and if it sounds too good to be true, than it has a catch! And they can’t sell those brand new sparkling cars at half price after a period of time because, it’s not like they’re mobile phones that end up being sold at 1 dollar on contracts for 2 years after a new model has been launched;

No, if you buy a car, you won’t need any services that are provided like on a mobile phone, it’s just yours to keep. If you have the money to afford changing the parts and keep the fuel consumption under control with regular gas fill ups, you can keep it for decades!

If they went on selling the batches that just sit in car parks at half the price or less, then everyone would just wait and buy a car when it’s cheap, so, the auto manufacturers prefer to have a bigger loss in sales than to make the consumer happy.

And now, let me tell you the obvious but refused to believe reason for why car companies continue to manufacture new automobiles, even if they remain forgotten and then, after a couple of years, recycled.

All the auto industry evolves around other industries that have their specific tasks, like mining. They’re the ones who extract iron and send it to another manufacturer which produces steel from that iron; Then that steel is sent to the manufacturing plants which produce cars with great care of cars and precision.

This is a vicious circle and if you break this chain everything crumbles and the world order burns to ashes! They can’t stop making cars because that would imply to cut back on the working staff of the car manufacturing plants and even close a lot of these factories.


Automatically, the above mentioned steel manufacturers won’t be selling so much steel so their workers will be fired too and the miners as well; See? It will be chaos and you know it!

Just stop and think of everything that surrounds you… It’s more complex than it seems to be 🙂

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