Drake – Show me a good time


It’s time for some driving music and if you’re kind of in love, Drake is the best artist that can take you in another world, a world of yours and your boo. These driving songs like the one from Drake, called “show me a good time”, can make you feel so good..

Of course that some of those car lovers can relate to this tune from another perspective, the one which has something to do with car care:

After investing a lot of time and money showing their care of cars, they can tell them something like in the song:

Spending all the money I just work my ass off
for the things that I won’t regret
Show me a good time
(oh yeah, oh yeah)

So, isn’t this a good song for when you’re happy that you’ve found your love? Music will always change your mood in a lot of unknown ways. Music is food for the soul!

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