2500 Horsepower showdown: Twin turbo Ford GT vs. Chevrolet Corvette C6 drag race


Every, let’s say rich, auto enthusiast invests in his car a lot of money to make it be better, stronger and most of the time, faster ! This also shows how people put an extraordinary effort into this car care madness which gives you thousands of horsepower with the help of today’s technology.

Today you have the chance to marvel at what some care of cars did to a Ford GT and a Chevrolet Corvette C6; The car owners thought that doing some tweaks to the stock cars will give them an extra boost of power but those cars transformed into more than supercars!

Take a look at this hot drag race between a 1500 horsepower Ford GT and a 1000 horsepower Chevrolet Corvette C6. It isn’t a top speed race but oh my God what a throttle response they have!


Pure speed is what you need when you need a rush of adrenaline flowing through your body and if you can’t get it in real life, at least you can watch this video with the Ford GT vs. Corvette C6 race and feel a tingle. Man oh man what an engine sound they produce!

It seems that the Corvette C6 really tried its best to keep in front of the Ford GT but when those two turbos kicked in, everything was all dust and smoke in front of the Chevy šŸ˜€ .

By the way, these cars with thousands of horsepower combined, lose 15% of that power from the crank to the wheels and that’s why the real WHEEL horsepower is of 1200 and 850 horsepower for those hypercars!

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