Embarrassing way to fill up your Audi R8 with petrol, the supercar with the best fuel consumption out there!


First of all, hello auto world! Do you like having a fuel efficient car? How about a fuel efficient supercar? Well it ain’t gonna happen so soon but you can still go and buy the single supercar with the best fuel consumption out there, an Audi R8!

But first of all, you’ve gotta see a hilarious car video with a dude who went to a gas station for his first Audi R8 fuel stop which went terribly wrong!

Knowing you car specs is a must when it comes to car care and the youtube video with this guy who tries his first fuel stop with an Audi R8 is quite a funny auto adventure and it seems that he didn’t hear about care of cars until now cause he pressed the f%^*ck out of that fuel cap release button and he broke it.

Why am I saying that an Audi R8 is the best choice when you’re looking for a supercar with good gas mileage? Well, because of the official fuel consumption test which was conducted in a Top Gear series episode where the supercar contestants were:

  • Ferrari 599
  • Lamborghini Murcielago
  • Aston Martin DBS
  • Mercedes McLaren
  • Audi R8

So, going back to the humiliating fuel stop moment, the guy didn’t even know on which side is the Audi R8’s fuel cap and after he found out, he didn’t do shit, cause he broke the release button :D. His hilarious fuel stop adventure went on with a small trip to a specialised car shop which kinda’ resolved his problem with the fuel cap.

After the embarrassing events which happened when the guy tried to fill up the gas tank, eventually everything went fine and he managed to fill it up with 79 litres of gas! 104 pounds went down the drain for a fun ride at some top speeds 😀

Of course that the auto manufacturers from Audi tried to create a supercar with good fuel consumption and by the looks of the Top Gear’s supercar fuel test, they did it! Audi R8 is the supercar to buy!

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