Chet Faker – No Diggity (Live Sessions)


Today it’s time for those relaxing driving songs like this one from Chet Faker, No diggity! Stay classy, relaxed and think of better ways to show your car care while driving in a rainy day!

Chilling it out like this, can be the best thing which your soul needs to just feel detached from the daily problems of these days.

Yes, this article isn’t about care of cars but who cares, you just have to feel the rhythm and go to your car with a fresh song added to your driving music collection.

This guy seems to be a future huge artist with his chill out music; This is what you need to do today, don’t give a F%^ck!

When you get home, go on that favorite chair of yours, choose a nice movie for tonight and pour yourself a glass of whiskey! That will do the trick :), have a great day people!

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