2015 Dodge Charger – What to know about a freshly evolved muscle car?


Every car care kind of guy loves a specific muscle car and in that area, you can also find the classic Dodge Charger, a car that’s been made for those who enjoy a v8 engine, lots of horsepower and that outstanding engine sound which is so thrilling that it can give you pure goosebumps!

Now, let’s see if the 2015 Dodge Charger can be a match to its grand daddy with that all new aggressive look and somehow futuristic!

Here are some car specs which you get on the new Dodge Charger models:

  • improved v8 engines with better fuel consumption
  • upgraded gadgets along with new ones
  • paddle shifters behind the steering wheel and a traditional like normal muscle car shifter; You also get a reduced shifting period with the new sport mode
  • huge touchscreen navigation display
  • on the v6 engine version you get all wheel drive! That’s right folks, you’ve got a rally car going at ya!
  • it has active launch control like Ferrari
  • 2015 Dodge Charger’s top speed ? About 145 mph or 235 kmh
  • super sexy and aggressive headlights which give the car a very futuristic look along with the redesigned hood, fenders, front and rear fascias, tail lights, front doors and spoiler
  • the car interior is exquisite, having special tailored seats which provide comfort and support, Alcantara leather everywhere and aluminum bezels which make the inside of the car look like a jewel !


This is a dramatic improvement for the 2015 Dodge Charger, a car that can compete with its european rivals!

A car which is built with this amount of care of cars in mind sure has a high acquisition cost or price tag, I’m guessing that of about $55.000 for a full option Charger.


For more details about the gas mileage and other features please check out this youtube video:




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