Forget about driver fatigue – How to avoid accidents with simple apps and kits which try to keep you awake behind the wheel


Hey there auto world, it’s time for a new article for those who enjoy showing their care of cars but also, besides car care, for the guys who know that fatal road accidents can happen from the smallest things; Today’s example: driving the car while being tired!

These days, every person works more than enough to earn their living. This is why most of them get tired by the end of the day and want to get back home as fast as they can. No problem here, but they usually tend to DRIVE back home and that’s a big no no if you’re not able to concentrate on the road.

Here are two great kits and apps for those who are passionate both about gadgets and cars; Modern ways to stay awake when you simply can’t handle that last drive towards home.


  • DriveSafe – With the help of Google glasses and this simple application, you can keep your eyes open while driving because it acts like a road companion. It uses some sensors that try to figure it out when you’re about to fall asleep and try to wake you up with noise like a buzz or etc.The bad thing is that this is not a 100% guaranteed product and it won’t work if you’re really tired. Acquisition cost – $1500
  • Vigo headset and smartphone app – This gadget is quite handy; It monitors your head movement and eye activity by using some infrared sensors and accelerometer. How does it prevent the driver from falling asleep? Well it does that in 3 ways: it flashes warning lights, it gives you a vibration in your ear, or it starts an audio alert or mp3 song which keeps your energy levels higher.The app which you need in order to use this “stay awake behind the wheel” gadget works both on Android and iOS. Vigo’s price tag – $80 – $100’s top tip:

If you’re wondering how to stay awake when driving tired, well the best solution is not to drive! You can try any other alternatives like public transportation or by having a friend or colleague to drive you home.

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