How not to steal a Smart Roadster! Thief caught by car owner who trapped him inside the car


Today’s article isn’t about car care stuff but it is showing you how you can take care of cars that are about to be stolen!

This car thief, Matthew Draper, is probably the worst of his kind; I mean, how can you try to knick a car and then get trapped in it like a rat by the owner?

Yeah, that’s right, this 28 year old car thief from Swansea tried to steal a Smart Roadster in the middle of the day and was caught by the car owner and a couple of neighbours; He tried to threaten them with a screwdriver and so on but the police arrived in no time and he just went to prison. How about that?

Wanna see the youtube video as well?

Matthew Draper already had a few convictions and with this one he got 4 months and a couple of 28 more months for other related stuff so, in total, 32 months behind bars!

The funny part was when he was trying to get out of the car by saying that the car is his, too bad the owner was also there hehe. Those neighbours acted like pros as well, they blocked the front of the Smart Roadster with another car so that the thief could not drive away.

Moral of the day? Smart cars have smart owners! Never attempt to steal a Smart Roadster, at least not in this hilarious and also pathetic way :D. The expression on that thief’s face is priceless!

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