How to transform a Fiat Punto MK2 into a racing car!


Hi there auto world, today I want to try out something new when it comes to car related articles and that’s why you’ll see how a MK 2 Fiat Punto has been tuned to its max! I mean the car isn’t a Fiat anymore; Everything which was stock from the auto manufacturers has been changed drastically to improve the Fiat Punto’s aggressive look, top speed and manoeuverability!

You’ll see from this youtube video that care of cars or car care is in its peak when it comes to this two door Fiat Punto and the auto detailing is so fine, that the car spends a lot of its time in showrooms!

Transforming such a cheap car into a sports car with racing pedigree takes both time and money; The exterior changes, car interior, car engine and other parts which were changed, to improve the car specs, are:

  • 18 inch alloy wheels OZ Superleggera 3 with wheel spacers that give the car a total width of almost 2 meters
  • its original engine of 1.2 liter with 80 horsepower has been replaced with a turbocharged 1.4 liter engine which produces 200 horsepower
  • strut bar for extra stability
  • 2 lateral exhaust system
  • lambo doors
  • Tarox Gt brake system
  • fully new body kit
  • Gas V2 pneumatic suspensions and much more
  • fully new car interior with Sparco pedals, Sparco seats, pressure gauges and even NOS if I’m not mistaken


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