Funny auto prank: Switching a friend’s wheel with a pink girly and space saver spare wheel


When a dude gets bored, he starts thinking about anything so, today, the guy who filmed the whole thing, thought that a car joke is in order and he pulled that prank on his best friend, a guy who is passionate about his car!

In our everyday routine we always have to do something to get rid of stress and other things which ruin our social life so that’s why this cool and funny video is quite a good idea if you know how to properly reattach a spare wheel!

So, let me talk about this cool prank from the youtube video:

  • Step 1: The guy took a small spare wheel and painted it in pink, yellow and orange influences
  • Step 2: He then went to his best friend’s working place and, in the parking lot, he changed one of the wheels with this fresh pink spare wheel
  • Step 3: Recording his reaction from a safe distance!

The car owner looked like a guy who takes care of cars judging from his slick Ford with nice rims and clean look, too bad that he got owned by his friend with this car prank :D.

Btw, this isn’t an affront to the car care rules, no man, this is just pure fun between two auto enthusiasts !

Would you do this space saver spare prank? Some guys from the internet suggested that it would have been a better prank if he would just let the air out from one wheel and replace the spare wheel with this small and funny girly spare :D. That’s how he would’ve forced his best friend to put it on by his own!

Tell us your opinion !