How to fix a shaky Hyundai steering wheel in no time!


Hello auto enthusiasts, it seems that you have some problems with that shaky steering wheel from your Hyundai and that’s why I’m here to find out the perfect solutions for you! Care of cars has never been so easy when you got this help from car care guys!

The auto manufacturers usually build good lasting cars but you can’t be sure that all the parts will sustain all the wear and tear; That’s why, today, you’re here for some good top tips that will help you fix the problem with the steering wheel which keeps falling down because of the normal usage of the adjusting steering column option.

When adjusting the steering wheel on your Hyundai, sometimes, the adjuster gets loose and it can freak you out when you’re driving and suddenly see that the steering wheel falls down but you must calm down! This is an easy do it yourself car job with a video tutorial!


The single thing that happens to the steering wheel adjuster is that its parts (a bolt and a nut) just loosen up a little each time you use it. The solution is to tighten them up and you’re ready to go, just watch the instructional video :D.

Tools you need to fix the steering wheel problem:

  • phillips head screwdriver
  • 12 mm combination wrench

Basically, you have 3 screws that need to be resolved and then you can remove the plastic piece from under the steering wheel. The thing is that you can have access to 2 of those screws by turning the wheel.’s top tip:

When removing the plastic piece to gain access to the steering adjuster you have to protect the ignition lock cylinder by pushing with your left arm from the other side and when it will go out, you’ll just have to pull down.

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