Juicy Dyno fails for the auto world in one 14 minute long video


So, you’re the car owner of a racing car or some kind of rather powerful street car and you want to measure its horsepower and torque; With great car care you’ll get your car to test it on a dyno but sometimes something can go wrong and shocking things will ruin your beautiful baby and today’s article is just about that, a 14 minute long video with dyno fails! From muscle cars and hot rods to european cars, this is a rather big collection!

The thing which you must know is that it’s dangerous to sit around the car while it goes under a dyno test ’cause a lot of auto parts might come off and hurt you or even the car might go on a trip by its own!

Testing the hell out of the car specs is nice for some of the guys who really use them to their limits but care of cars is mandatory if you want to extract all of that sweet power and top speed!

This next youtube video has everything when it comes to dyno fails: wide public viewing fail, truck dyno fails, pieces of cars flying around, a Volkswagen Golf GTI and Mitsubishi EVO 8 falling down from the dyno stand, a Ford Mustang catching fire, a 1989 BMW M3 going bezerk and destroying everything and much more!

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  1. omg now this is how you can end up dead! I wouldn’t want to stay around those cars when they’re tested on the dyno lol

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