How to change front brake pads and rotors on a Toyota Corolla in an easy way – Video tutorial


Car safety is a must when going on public roads and that’s why you have to show your car care regularly even if you’re the car owner of a cheap car!

The brakes are an important element on your vehicle because those are the ones that stop your car in case of an iminent car crash!

I know that a lot of guys from the auto world needs to save money and that’s why it’s good to do your own car repairs, especially when you car doesn’t have ultra expensive materials like ceramic brake pads and vented rotors; You also learn a lot about how to take care of cars!

This do it yourself repair also helps if you want to resell your car because the price tag will go higher when someone sees that your car is properly taken care of. Think about the acquisition cost for every part and if it’s a must to take it to a car shop!

Don’t worry, you won’t affect the anti lock braking system if you follow the steps from this youtube video tutorial!

Tools you need to change the front brake pads and rotors by yourself on that 2010 Toyota Corolla:

  • car jack and jack stand to keep the car safe and secure in the air
  • breaker bar or cross bar with a 21 mm socket
  • pliers
  • flat head screwdriver
  • extended ratchet with 14 mm and 17 mm sockets
  • C clamp
  • brake pads and rotors

As you can see from the video, the best place to put the car jack is right in the middle of the front of your car and the jack stand should be under two metal frame areas from under the Toyota Corolla.

After removing the brake caliper piston as instructed in the video, you’ll unlock the next level: The Rotor and Brake Pads!

Now just follow the steps to change the rotors and brake pads of your 2010 Toyota Corolla!

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