Drive – Rubber Head SineSkeller Remix


The best car movie which I ever saw isn’t one from the Fast and Furious series or other car racing adrenaline junkie kind of movies, no, the one which I really felt connected with was Drive!

This interesting car movie which had in the main role Ryan Gosling, a bloke who doesn’t speak so much, was about a stuntman who made a living by being a professional getaway driver in his free time and man oh man, Ryan’s role was cool;

He had a 1973 Chevrolet Chevelle, an american muscle car which always needed car care tinkering but in the night, when he was driving it alone on those empty streets of L.A. with bright city lights, everything was relaxing and perfect so that’s why I’m always showing you different driving songs, for you to be in that cool driving mood.

The Chevrolet Malibu from the movie (it was a trim pack name) is worthy of a man who takes good care of cars!

Anyway, feel free to enjoy my driving music and hit the play button!

This song will give you the tranquillity necessary for you to focus on the most relaxing night drive of your life!

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