Think again before buying a used car from an old person! Yep, there’s a funny example inside too


Every teenager dreams about his first car; It has to be a sports car or a muscle car and it has to have a cool rumbling engine sound, maybe a v8 engine but of course that it ain’t going to happen lads! Why? First of all, the taxes for a teenager’s car are huge in some parts of the world because the chances to get involved in a car crash are high and second of all, your parents aren’t that rich and that’s why you’ll get a cheap car!

It’s not the end of the world yet because with a little car care thinking and some preparation, you can have a pretty decent car with a good mileage and low fuel consumption at a fair price tag or acquisition cost but dude, don’t let your parents buy that car! This funny auto video with the crazy driving of an old lady will prove my point!


You should give this video a try ’cause you’ll laugh and you’ll remember the moments when you were in the same situation: How to choose your first car!

A lot of guys who are “car dealers” in their free time, love to brag about the fact that the car which they are selling had an old car owner! When your dad reads such an ad, he automatically assumes that an old person takes care of cars but this funny video with the old lady who drives her car like a stuntman before selling it, tells another story!

I love the way the guy’s dad is playing hard to get when he’s testing the hell out of the Volkswagen Golf 3 before buying it from the elderly lady 😀 .

Anyway, this cool video shows the indestructibility of a Volkswagen and how you can get scammed when buying a second hand car.’s top tip:

First looks can be deceiving!

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