Boy racers vs. UK police! An all about documentary inside the underground street racing clubs


As always, VICE has made a great video documentary about illegal street racing but it has a catch: They filmed this interesting all about underground street racing video while being on two sides so you can also see the police’s point of view and their hard work which is focused on reducing nasty auto events like car crashes and etc.

These blokes seem the type of persons who do their own auto detailing, who know everything about the auto world and they are true auto enthusiasts but most of them don’t afford the acquisition cost of new fancy cars and instead, they buy a cheap car which will be tuned to the max regardless of fuel consumption, driveability and other factors so you’ll hear lots of turbo and blow off valve sounds coming from the car engines and you will see car neons, bright colours, custom made gauges and sometimes,  a car’s top speed live!

Go on, don’t be shy, just hit the play button and watch this awesome underground street racing documentary!

In this cool documentary about tuned cars from the UK, you’ll see a guy who is obsessed with making his car the most shiny thing on Earth besides drifting and doing huge doughnut burnouts :D; He went on buying:

  • door lights
  • interior lights
  • multiple flashing underground lights
  • neon number plate

The thing is that all these lights, in the night of course, will do a great job in distracting your attention from the car itself, a rubbish Vauxhall Corsa or for the europeans out there, Opel.

The car must look good, it has to go like stig and it must also be a chick magnet! This is how the extreme part from taking care of cars looks like! Would you invest such amounts of money and time in this kind of street racing car care?


You’ll also get to see another Vauxhall Corsa but a car which is filled with stickers and which has an explosive sound system that can destroy a girl’s hairstyle, a hydraulic Ford Fiesta and much more!

There are a lot of things to say about this cool underground street racing and car tuning documentary but you’ll have to watch it and hopefully, enjoy doing it!

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