AC/DC – Touch Too Much


Check your car with great car care for rust, its oil and fuel level, its roaring engine, the tire pressure at each wheel and if the car battery has enough juice; After you’ve checked all of these (the rust is for you to know when to panic :D) you can get inside of it and not in the sexual way of course.

Power up your beast of a car for which you manifest that great care of cars of yours and hit the play button for AC/DC’s “Touch too much” song which is probably one of the best car songs, among others of course!

Now you can hit the road man.. drive like a free dude who hasn’t got any worries in the world. Rock is just awesome for when you want to escape the daily routines.. It’s sad though that our today’s rock legend, Bon Scott, had to die in 1980.

This is exactly how you have to feel after listening to awesome driving songs:

I was so satisfied
Deep down inside
Like a hand in a velvet glove

This blog is about cars right? Well guess where Bon Scott was in his last living hours? In a car! A friend of him put him there to sleep because he was too drunk and the next day, he was found dead. As someone said.. If AC/DC defines rock music, then this song defines AC/DC!

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