Cars that didn’t make it in the movie! All about Fast and Furious abandoned car projects, graphic renderings and scripts


The Fast and Furious series had a special staff which was designated to choose the cars that were perfect for the movies and sometimes, in an excessive care of cars they even rejected cars that were already assembled and tuned. The billion dollar movie franchise has a lot of car projects that didn’t appear into the movie series and that’s what this youtube video is all about.. Check it out!

In this awesome car racing movie series you could see most of the classic american autos like muscle cars or other iconic american cars and also imported cars (especially japanese ones) which had extraordinary car specs; Every car from the series had NOS and the public loved it when it was used in a thrilling car chase even if most of the time, a lot of them would get involved in some kind of a spectacular car crash.

You’ll even get to see the graphic renderings for Fast and Furious 2; This means that you get the chance to see all the cars that didn’t make it in the movie, here’s an example:

Orange Julius’s latino Opel has graphics which reflect the going out and getting pumped up-vibe; electronicky!

The auto enthusiasts who love the Fast and Furious series must watch this cool video because they’ll get a lot of interesting info about the cars that didn’t make the movie like the fact that the original cars from Fast and Furious, the original sponsored cars to be more precise, were not supposed to include Mitsubishi because Dodge talked to give away a new sport compact car from them but because it didn’t fit with the level of cars that they were trying to use in the movie, they went with Mitsu’, Nissan 350Z or Toyota Supra.


You’ll get to see cars that didn’t appear in the Fast and Furious series like:

  • Opel GT Roadster
  • A “rice rocket” Honda S2000
  • An “african hair pick” Toyota Supra
  • Hyundai Tiburon which came too late because every member of the cast had already been assigned to one of the sports cars which were in the lot.

After watching this video about all the cars from Fast and Furious you’ll see that there was a lot of car care and that every single detail was analyzed thoroughly!

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