What to do with some reindeer antlers, rudolph nose, a turkey and of course a Lamborghini Aventador!


Hey there auto world, today’s rich car owner has a different way of showing his car care instincts and he disguised his Lamborghini Aventador in an Aventadeer or Reindeer Lambo just like those guys who own pets and dress them all up :D.

It’s kind of late but even if Thanksgiving and Christmas were already celebrated, this funny auto video still does a great job in cheering me up. Don’t know what the auto manufacturers from Lamborghini think about it but some people do like the idea of a Aventadeer tune up.

The fun part of this video is that it also has to prove something! This modified Lamborghini Aventador with its car engine which produces 700 horsepower, cooks up a turkey with its exhaust flames, yup you’re about to see a funny video with a Lamborghini that cooks a Thanksgiving turkey!


Yeah, this is a car joke which shows an unconventional way of cooking a turkey but you gotta’ love that Lamborghini Aventador with reindeer antlers and a rudolph nose!

This is how care of cars manifests in rich guys with a lot of free time while we, the poor ones, can relax at our pc and just enjoy watching how others have fun (sounds lame, but what else to do).

So, do you like the flame throwing Aventadeer that cooks a turkey? And that extraordinary engine sound when it’s in high revs at 5000 to 6000.. priceless!

CareOfCars.com’s top tip commercial style:

Has your oven gave up on you while cooking the delicious Thanksgiving turkey? Is there no other way you can have that turkey finished before your boyfriend/girlfriend gets home? Call your local Lamborghini dealership now!! Ask them to borrow you an Aventador for about half an hour and you’ll have the time of your life including as bonus, the possibility of cooking the tastiest Thanksgiving turkey you have ever eaten! *Note: You must pay for the fuel consumption, driver to rev the engine, pro camera and of course.. the turkey **Warning: Don’t do this at late hours or the neighbours might call the cops

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