The things that’ll make you buy a Mercedes G Class!


This new and also old Mercedes G class was presented to the auto world in 1972 and as you can see from numerous video shots, the G class has a lot of potential to conquer the toughest terrains and it also provides for the car owner, great comfort and car safety.

You don’t have to be a guy who’s too much into care of cars with a Mercedes G class because it’s designed to withstand any obstacle or harsh environment, it wants to be a badass off road car combined with one hell of a luxury car, all in one, just take a look at the car ad!

The Mercedes G class car commercial really makes me want to buy one but where to get the money from? This awesome 4×4 Mercedes has also evolved keeping pace with its Mercedes Benz family (true german auto) as times and technology have changed; It remains… timeless!

Yes, this is a video walk around for the new Mercedes G class and it wants to show you that a car can be constantly improved starting with car specs and ending with its good looks, this is the Mercedes G class’s recipe for success!

If you need more examples of car care from the auto manufacturers at Mercedes Benz then you must know that the Mercedes G class’s steel body is hand welded in over 6000 points to ensure exceptional rigidity and durability during your off road adventures. I really want this iconic off roader.. it’ll complete me!

Here are some interesting facts that you didn’t know about the Mercedes G class:

  • the “G” comes from Geländewagen and that means cross country vehicle
  • the 4×4 G class has a galvanized steel body and it’s filled with 50 liters of hot wax to resist corrosion
  • the windows were designed to be easily replaced in case you would’ve broken them in an off road trip, expedition or etc. Because of the fact that it has flat glass, a local glass shop or hardware store could make a temporary replacement that will work until you’d return to civilization

There are even more modern facts about the Mercedes G class that’ll make you want to buy it so check out the video, there you’ll also find details about the car engine, locking differential, transmission, horsepower, top speed and every luxury detail you can find on it.


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