How to get inside a Jaguar F-Type and how to stop the alarm when your smart key isn’t smart anymore


Okay now, you’re the car owner of a cool Jaguar F-Type, a luxury car filled with all kinds of electric gizmos; What would you do if your car won’t respond to the smart key?

Imagine yourself trying to get inside your car by pressing, without any response at all, the door unlock button from your Jaguar’s smart key! This is the moment when you realize that if you were a car care kind of guy, you would’ve read the Jaguar F-Type how to manual and you would’ve known how to get inside the car without the smart key.

But don’t worry, that’s why you’ve chosen this auto blog as your favorite, everything that’s related to the auto world will be discussed here!

First of all, if your smart key fails to work that must be due to a dead battery or other unexpected malfunctions so don’t worry, your car battery is ok!

So, you don’t have to take your Jaguar F-Type to the car shop because Jaguar has good customer service and the auto manufacturers know that sometimes you’ll end up with a dead battery or whatever with your smart key and that’s why you get this next video tutorial which explains how to open the Jaguar F-Type’s door and also how to disable the alarm!


It seems that your smart key also has an emergency key blade which was carefully hidden in a care of cars manner to reduce its size.

You only have to press the front of the door handle and you’ll reveal the key hole; The rest is simple as pie!

If the car safety system or alarm starts and it will annoy your neighbours, don’t panic and just put the whole smart key in the special designated area under the steering wheel and just press the start/stop button! There you go, now you know how to unlock the door and stop the car alarm of your beautiful Jaguar F-Type!


    • Well Dan, there’s a little black cover hidden under the boot lid. If you move that cover, you can insert the car’s key!

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