Be quiet and drive from Deftones


Uhh my car care instinct is preserved right now because I’m listening to one of the cool driving songs which you’ve been used to. Be quiet and drive, that’s the name of the song, a fine rock & roll tune from Deftones, a 20 year old band which maintains its prestige.

Car songs like this one from Deftones are great for a long driving session which gets you to a high point from where you can see the city lights, at night of course :D.

It’s friday night and if you’re feeling lonely and not in the mood for a clicheic date, just get inside that car of yours and go, forget about everything including care of cars and give yourself a treat today, go in a high gear!

Have you ever heard about an eargasm? Well this cool tune can give you one! Yup it’s that good; This song reminds me of the moment when I learned how to drive and when I started stealing my dad’s old car. I just drove until there was no more gas and I felt so good!

The auto industry makes a lot of cash with the help of musicians and because of them, people buy subwoofers or other nice car sound systems. This is how you improve your lifestyle and audio quality from inside your car.

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