How to buy a Ferrari in Jeremy Clarkson’s way! Funny auto steps of a midlife crisis


If you’re thinking: “i have to have a Ferrari” just like Jeremy Clarkson did, then you’re in the right spot, the place where you’ll see how to buy a Ferrari and what it involves when doing it including a midlife crisis for those who will also be obsessed with car care after buying it.

Of course that Jeremy makes fun of Ferrari with their “good customer service” and the fact that you have little to none customizable options on a new Ferrari for that high acquisition cost or price tag.

What you’ll see in this next youtube video is a hilarious reconstruction of a man who’s going through a midlife crisis and decides that he’s got to have a new Ferrari, the man’s role being portrayed by Jeremy Clarkson, a dude who’s not that into care of cars and loves doing donuts! šŸ˜€


Jeeza wanted to be different than the ordinary Ferrari buyer before pulling the trigger a thousand miles away in Italy, he wanted a green Ferrari but when he was shown the available colours, he could not dare to say such a heresy and when he signed the order form, he did it while sitting on his knees, lol.

Going along with his decision of buying a new Ferrari 355, the midlife crisis Jeremy Clarkson bought a red Ferrari with a great v8 engine and awesome engine sound;

According to mr. Clarkson, if you drive over a small furry animal, you’ll not only know exactly what it was from the simple twitch of the steering wheel, but what it had eaten for breakfast, that’s how sporty the suspension is, yep, he enjoys making fun of the auto industry but that’s the charm of his auto show, the Top Gear series.


So, Jeeza loves his new Ferrari but why didn’t he drive more than 5 thousand miles with it? What’s the problem with a brand new Ferrari bought in a midlife crisis shopping spree?

  • first of all, Jeremy chose a GTS model instead of a hardtop and it has a lift out roof panel and it kind of squeaks and rattles; For the annoying sounds he got a top tip from Ferrari to use vaseline but he’s too embarrassed to ask them for it hahaa
  • when you try to put it behind the seats (the roof panel), it takes you “about 4 hours” to complete the task
  • you get stopped by the police constantly
  • if you leave it on the street people will spit in it
  • if you leave it at home, the car battery goes flat!
  • the fuel consumption helps you go bankrupt


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