Bmw’s ConnectedDrive day to day live usage examples made with the help of singers, butlers and powerlifters! Hilarious video in a parking lot


Some guys from the auto world aren’t so impressed with BMW’s new ConnectedDrive options but when you try to do some of the things yourself, it can get quite tricky and that’s why BMW made this funny demo on how to use ConnectedDrive whenever you need some help.

Some drivers who found themselves in that parking lot with the “big screen” wall projector have seen what’s the whole fuss about the new BMW technology which showed them some live ConnectedDrive options, which they controlled with car honks, like:


  • Parking assistant: This one is demonstrated with a bunch of professional powerlifters who pick up the car and place it in the parking spot. This is the real fully automatic parking! (now that’s a shocker from this funny ad for BMW’s ConnectedDrive)
  • Real time traffic information & BMW online weather: Yeap, with a simple headlight flashing or car honk, the subjects from this hilarious car commercial could see how to get faster in some places and real time weather information
  • Online entertainment: It has over 18 million driving songs and in the funny auto video it was demonstrated with a live stage in front of the car and a small concert with Tom Jones’s “You don’t have to be beautiful to turn me on”
  • Concierge service: (ConnectedDrive gives answers to questions 24/7) This one was awesome, people had their personal butler who did everything for them, they even got a cocktail.

BMW really knows hot to promote its business and this new ConnectedDrive by making exciting and amusing ads, still showing great care of cars and enthusiasm. If you afford a luxury car like BMW, why can’t you invest a little and have a more modern BMW just like in the funny ad, it’s more than car care thinking! German autos rock!


  1. Those bodybuilders or whatever they are, got me! Imagine your car being lifted by a bunch of beefy guys who only want to help, lol!

  2. Now this is good bmw entertainment. With funny commercials like these they will conquer the auto world with their new and rather fresh technology!

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