Reduce your fuel consumption with these easy 9 top tips! Don’t you need a better gas mileage?


Hi there auto world, today I’m going to give you some top tips that’ll help you drive your car more than ever if fuel consumption was a key factor which determined your car’s usage!

A car engine is not that complicated, the more throttle you use and the heavier the car is, the more fuel you waste and that’s why you should try these easy 9 top tips to reduce the fuel costs and increase the car’s fuel mileage; Fuel economy is today’s car care topic, more like wallet care but anyway 🙂

Cheap cars or not, every one of them eats a lot of petrol and thus, the car owner’s money! Don’t throw away the hard earned cash!

9 great ways to lower fuel consumption:


  1. A new generation engine doesn’t need a warm up. After starting up the car just wait for a few seconds and then you can leave but in the first kilometres of driving stay in a low RPM to let the car’s engine adjust itself.
  2. For the lowest fuel consumption you have to keep your RPM in the 1800 area (in the city).  If you want to change gears, use a gradual acceleration and when you hit 2700 RPM, then you can change (if you have a diesel engine car, sometimes you have to use higher RPM because you can destroy your turbo.. you know it only kicks in at higher RPM and etc.)
  3. Engine braking is another good solution when you need a better mpg and also reduce your fuel costs. The engines with fuel injection don’t use any gas when you apply an engine brake. (but you have to keep low RPM when using this technique)
  1. Think every move you make including the way you use the traffic space and other artifices; This is the clever way to ensure a better usage of the above top tip (3) .
  2. Check the tire pressure; Another care of cars top tip which will help you save fuel and increase your car’s mileage. Why? Because an improperly inflated tire can seriously affect your fuel consumption.
  3. Always change your air filters on time! If your air filter is dirty, air will get inside the engine harder than usual and that’s when you get yourself a lazy engine. When you’re in a hurry and see that your car isn’t responding properly, what do you do? You push the pedal to the metal (this means more wasted fuel) !
  1. If you carry around useless and heavy stuff in your car you can be sure that the fuel consumption is higher than usual so you know what you have to do!
  2. Don’t overdo with that top speed ! A higher speed means a thinner wallet; Drive at an optimal speed of efficiency- with no sudden stops and minimal throttle while being in the highest gear.
  3. Any electric gadget that’s on your car uses fuel when activated and it kind of uses a lot of it! Heated seats, mirrors, power windows or air conditioner, these are consumers which you should use moderately if you want to improve the fuel economy on your car.


  1. Some of these gas saving tips are quite good but the other ones are too plain 😛 sorry. Anyway, good car blog you’ve got here! Cheers

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