Clutch – The Regulator


Here’s one of the manly driving songs for those who want some refreshing rock and roll music for their cars. Clutch, but not that type of clutch :D, has great driving music for those badass bearded guys who own big trucks and you can feel that from his great rock and roll voice! Enjoy The Regulator!

I wanna say that simplicity is the key and raw things can be the best ones just like this kind of car songs; I wonder if you get this kind of music in GTA V while driving those stolen cars 🙂

This is a 5 minute song from Clutch which takes you in a world with empty streets, a life without worries and without speed limits! Yeah and it takes car care to reach the top speed on your speedometer because driving with high rpm can clean those clogged injectors.

As you can see, everything you do has an effect on your car and care of cars is in every detail, just like with the car music.. if you have a subwoofer and keep it at a very high volume, in time, you can get some unwanted loosened screws in your car.

So go on and sing along with Clutch’s lyrics:

And How Many Times Have I Prayed
The Angels Would Speed Me Away.

Dream With The Feathers Of Angels Stuffed Beneath Your Head.
The Regulator’s Swinging Pendulum.

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