Land Rover Defender teaching an off road lesson to other 4WD cars on an improvised steep track!


Let me see you guys try to beat that uphill four wheel drive track!

Land Rover builds great off roaders with quite astonishing car care for a while now (not the old models) and if you give a Defender a good aftermarket suspension, off road tires and a snorkel, you have an almost perfect off road car (this is how you show your care of cars)!

Check out this youtube video with this man made off road track at a 45° angle and a Land Rover Defender climbing it, do you think that a Bmw X5, Volkswagen Touareg, Toyota Landcruiser or Volvo XC90 can climb it and make it to the top this easy? I really doubt that!

The funny auto part of this video is the guy who sits and installs a grill under the ramp which is climbed by that awesome Land Rover Defender, no worries at all!

Off course, the uphill track is made of metal and it’s harder to climb it with ordinary tires even if it’s textured with that diamond pattern which everybody knows from those metal staircases and I know that everybody expected a not so cool car crash with the Defender; Still, the driver was driving it while seeing nothing but the sky 😀

A funny guy had an awesome comment for this video:

If you’re wondering why there isn’t much steel in the frame the Landrover’s driving onto, it’s because most of it went into making the driver’s balls…

I’m glad that the Land Rover Defender’s driver didn’t overdo it ’cause the cool off roader would’ve took a 6 metre plunge, nose first, into the ground because there isn’t any ramp on the other side, lol.


  1. I really got to invest more love time and money into my off road car after seeing what it can do. Proud owner of a Defender here

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