New remote controlled technology for BMW with a funny ad as a demo! Get your ConnectedDrive now


Everybody likes a luxury car and BMW has a wide variety of fine autos on the market for the auto world; Besides that, BMW’s technology department has implemented something new to these modern BMWs called ConnectedDrive.

As you can see from this BMW car commercial which brings a lot of smiles on people’s faces and some disappointment for youngsters, you can now remote control your car and destroy your daughter’s kiss for her fresh date 😀

Don’t imagine that this will be a cheap option on your future car, it will add thousands of dollars to the acquisition cost or price tag of a new BMW; But this remote controlling option is pretty practical and you get a fine and funny demo from that car commercial which promotes the new Bmw technology.

Think of yourself to be a concerned father, wouldn’t you like to limit the top speed of the car when your son/daughter drives it with the help of ConnectedDrive? It will annoy him/her but this might save some lifes.. there are a lot of examples in which you can use a remote controlled BMW; Some people will think that NSA, CIA, or other spy and security agencies will use this technology to do some bad things but this is coming from skeptics though.

The auto manufacturers from BMW sure did think things through with the Cockblocker scene from the advertising spot but now I’m thinking of another thing.. what about hacking? Can someone hack into my BMW’s software with just a smartphone and steal it from the front of my house in the middle of the night without hearing any alarm whatsoever?

And yeah, if you were thinking about it, this is the first time when BMW didn’t help someone score with a girl :D!


This youtube video which is also a funny car commercial for BMW’s new ConnectedDrive makes you feel related to the car, as it is a part of you with its new apps and software which allow you to control your car from anywhere, yes you’ll have a remote controlled BMW at your disposal!

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