One girl, one video camera and one bike = Epic motorcycle fail accompanied by a priceless facial expression !


Sometimes, guys want to impress girls with their grown up toys, yeah cars and motorcycles. This time, it seems that the guy who owned a bike, wanted to do more than drive around town with the girl on the back seat of the motorcycle and that’s why he decided to let her take a ride by herself and something awful but also hilarious (for us) happened!

This is the reason why those who are a little obsessed with car care and everything which is related to care of cars don’t borrow their possessions to others! 😀

In this funny video from youtube you can see in real time, a girl who crashes a bike and also does some air acrobatics while at it!

The crashed bike is actually a Yamaha Z125; At least she’s lucky to avoid the car when doing this stunt like bike crash, ’cause she could’ve destroyed more than the guy’s motorcycle if you know what i mean.

If you try hard enough, you can see her priceless facial expression after the bike accident! But omg, she went airborne for a little while, this really is a hilarious video, don’t you agree auto world?’s top tip:

Don’t rev the bike’s engine too much when releasing the clutch cause you’ll get in trouble!

After watching that girl falling off the bike, if you don’t own a motorcycle and want to buy one, please remember that cars are safer and think again before buying a cheap bike, you don’t know what happened to it 😀


  1. Now this is some serious motor bike crash even if it’s funny ! Dunno why he trusted her with that motorcycle :))

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