Banks Engineering Armored Humvee vs. Hmmwv M1116! Which one will win the showdown and honor the US army?


The Humvee is made for those who put their lives first instead of car care because usually, you’ll see the Hummer H1 or HMMWV M1116 fighting America’s wars. But don’t worry, this hardcore all wheel drive monster of a car is built with great care of cars in order to prove its off roading capabilities!!

Today, with Motor Trend’s help, you’ll see a nice contest between two military vehicles which try to demonstrate that the US army can have fast armored off roaders that can go anywhere and climb everything so let’s see this awesome shootout!

I’m pretty sure that you didn’t know about Lamborghini’s attempt to sign a contract with the US military in 1975. That’s when they created the Lamborghini Cheetah and since the US government didn’t bite, they went ahead with producing the coolest SUV with a Countach V12 car engine.

First of all, let’s see some main car specs for the military Humvee:

  • 16 inches of ground clearance or 40 cm
  • huge car interior space but of course with limited passenger comfort
  • anti-air turrets
  • thick armour for protection which makes the Humvee  weigh 13200 pounds or 6 tons
  • different kind of brakes and axles like on a unimog

The first Hmmwv M1116 is kind of slow (it only has 190 horsepower), old (from the mid 80’s) and if you drive over a land mine you can just die because it hasn’t got that much safety under the seats; That’s where Banks is coming in, instead of replacing all these Humvees, Banks will modify them by adding more power and a much more better suspension, eat dirt auto manufacturers from AM general!

This freshly tuned up american auto from “Banks Research and Development” has acquired a simple yet effective performance recipe:

  • its stock turbocharger has been removed
  • it got a new injection pump
  • of course it has got a new turbo setup which boosts the horsepower to 255 bhp
  • new exhaust brake
  • you get less smoke when driving it (more stealth)
  • computer controlled shock system with new springs and hydraulics (suspension)
  • 5″ touchscreen “Humvee phone home” which gives information like: gps speed, altitude, diagnostic info from the powertrain, car engine and etc.

The new Banks armored Humvee does a quarter mile in 21.6 seconds with 15 seconds less than the old Hmmwv!!

contest between two military vehicles

You still gotta see the off roading contest between these 2 Humvees! It’s staggering how they can retard the power with exhaust braking  and how they crawl down steep slopes. Still, the fuel consumption for an old Humvee was at about 50 litres per 100 km or less than 12 miles per gallon so.. it eats a lot!

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