A british example of practicability; The Honda NSX concept can make a lot of tea while revving!


The auto industry invests a lot of money in car advertising and today’s article with the Honda NSX concept is a pretty darn good example of car commercial that’s appealing to the public. Guess what?! You can include in the Honda NSX’s car specs the fact that it can make plenty of tea; This small detail will be a high selling factor for the Honda NSX concept in Great Britain ’cause the brits sure do love their fresh cup of tea 😀

When you hear that car engine and its revving sound you get the feeling of something pushed to its limits and that Honda NSX concept is equipped with:

  • mid mounted direct injected V6 engine VTEC with a turbocharger installed just for a bigger punch !
  • these Honda NSX will have electric, gasoline and hybrid models (eco friendly for a clean environment) and they’ll all have all wheel drive or 4WD 🙂
  • an extra option which will be on a future Honda NSX is the Bilateral Torque Adjustable Control System that will drastically improve the car’s handling
  • dual clutch transmission which has an electric motor for super fast acceleration

Honda really has a particular niche when it comes to its auto enthusiasts and clients but when Jeremy Clarkson from the Top Gear series says that only old people buy a Honda, he’s damn wrong :D! Japanese cars are a marvel of technology and auto engineering! All the engine parts are juiced to their max and nothing is left without showing off its full potential as you can see from this funny auto video.

This youtube video with the Honda NSX concept is very appealing for the public because it’s entertaining and the japanese auto manufacturers from Honda are known for their great care of cars when it comes to producing high tech supercars so car care isn’t a problem.

The Honda NSX will be produced in 2015 so you’d better start saving some money for it because the acquisition cost will be pretty high!

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