Easiest way to smoke tail lights by yourself and fast


People tend to show their care of cars in every possible way in which it could be shown.. A fine and tasteful tune up for your car even if it’s a sports car, luxury car or a supercar, can be to smoke the tail lights, a simple and easy aftermarket modification which gives a more aggresive and stylish look to your car and all the auto world can agree with me on that :D.

So believe me, even a cheap car can look more than good with a small investment!

When you’re an auto enthusiast who enjoys these car care related activities, your car will get a bigger resale value and with a small investment in things like this smoking tail lights mod or some pretty rims, you can get up to $500 or more depending on the car’s actual market value; Why? It’s simple, people look for cars which are in great shape and they will always look at those small details which matter, plain and simple!

Today, you’ll be the lucky guy who will learn one of the easiest ways on how to smoke tail lights by yourself and this youtube video is a very good tutorial which explains how:


Things / equipment / materials which you need for smoking tail lights:

  • 1500 grit sand paper
  • 2500 grit sand paper
  • VHT Night Shades (google it for purchasing details or google “black tail lights coating products”)
  • Clear coat
  • Microfiber towels
  • Sanding block
  • Shammy leather
  • Screwdriver

First of all, the car which gets the smoking tail lights treatment is a 94′ Ford Mustang but you can do this to any other car, okay :D? When removing the tail lights, also remove the extra trimming parts for better access to the lens.

This is a pretty simple how to do it yourself tutorial for tinting or smoking tail lights but don’t overdo it with the number of coats; It’s pretty illegal and you just want that stylish and elegant look, not like in the video!

The acquisition cost for the materials required to do the job is minimum.. it can top a max of 40 bucks or less if you know from where to buy them.

The main idea when smoking your tail lights is that you have to follow some cleaning / applying coats steps which are pretty easy so don’t worry and go on you car owner you, make your car beautiful in one of the simplest ways possible 🙂 !

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