Ford shocked the germans ! Here’s why


shocking news for mercedes loversWhen someone asks you about the best cars and auto manufacturers in the world, what’s your first opinion? Don’t you automatically think that german cars are the best? Well, during an interview, some germans saw that they were living a lie and that they had a false opinion about the german autos.

Yeah, the guy who conducted this interview was also a german and he could not believe those shocking news about the best car award at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.

In this youtube video, when the reporter asked some random people on the street (german countrymen) about who makes the best cars and/or engines in the world, they gave various answers like these:

  • Who makes the best engines in the world? Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, Porsche!
  • Best car makers worldwide? We germans.
  • German quality manufacturing
  • German cars are the best
  • The best engine.. but it is a german car, right?
  • A german brand
  • Nothing beats german quality

Ohhh but they were so wrong! After seeing these results when asking about the best car engine for 2013, the reporter was ashamed to surprise everybody with shocking news!

Ford was the best car maker from all the auto industry in 2012 and 2013 as well!

Still, even if this youtube video had a negative impact on the german people, Ford knew how to make the best of it and transform it into a pretty good and funny car commercial which makes you think something like this:

Ford, the best car brand, beats all that fancy german engineering, luxury cars and impressive car specs with their simple but effective and reliable ecoboost engine which can get awesome mileage with its incredible fuel consumption!

Step by step, Ford cars became green cars which people enjoy and rely on, that’s why they won the best car engine title at the Frankfurt Motor Show; I can imagine this reaction being shown at the Top Gear series in a hilarious way 😀

We also have to thank those germans who did a great job with their funny reaction which produced the material for a pretty darn good car commercial!


A little car care did the trick for Ford to win the best engine of the year title 2 years in a row; And with a small acquisition cost which is a fraction of a Mercedes’s price, you also save a lot of money which you can use later on to show your care of cars by doing your regular check ups and parts replacement at a Ford car shop!


  1. Ford is becoming too popular and with lower prices along with efficient engines, it can beat the german auto market!

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