Mercedes’s collision prevention assist didn’t work with Adolf Hitler or did it?!


collision prevention assist advertising on C classEverybody knows Adolf Hitler, the man who did lots of wrongs which will remain forever in all the history books. He was a type of person who loved technology and encouraged his scientists and engineers to adapt and evolve everything starting with cars like his Mercedes ones for which he showed great car care and ending with jet engine aircraft fighters (those things were new back in the day); Maybe that’s the reason why some students “used and sacrificed” a younger version of Adolf with the help of Hitler’s favorite car brand in this next Mercedes car commercial.

As you all know, german engineering is the finest and you can see that from today’s german auto manufacturers who create lots of car safety equipment, systems which ease the driver’s ride and other useful features which show their genuine care of cars!

Today’s article is about one particular feature which you get on the new Mercedes C class and how it prevents accidents from happening or that sometimes it can easily solve a future Hitler problem. That car safety feature is called collision prevention assist.

The auto world enjoyed watching this kind of funny auto commercial for the new Mercedes C class but you must know that this “inappropriate” ad had upset Mercedes, yes, it’s not theirs.

Anyway, this is the way in which the “collision prevention assist” feature reacts if you’re curious how it works:

Some people will say that it failed to work in this particular case with Adolf Hitler but others might argue and say the exact opposite, it means that the system is intuitive and more human than we think, you just have to enjoy this funny video made for those who want to see a C class’s way of making a car joke with Hitler 😀 .

I really like the punch line from that funny auto commercial with Mercedes’s new C class:

detects dangers before they come up


  1. those students are pretty inventive; Who would’ve thought about such a parody commercial for Mercedes and with Adolf Hitler 😀

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